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PVC Products

SMC Industries' Dura-Jac SX product lines are made exclusively using Proto Corporation's PVC materials. Proto Corporation manufactures the most extensive variety of PVC fitting covers and jacketing systems. Since Proto Corporation's inception in 1980, their mission has remained the same: to create superior products, deliver outstanding service, and remain unmatched in product innovation.

Dura-Jac SX is a high impact insulation covering material. It is manufactured from smooth glossy, plasticized PVC film. Dura-Jac SX is ultraviolet stabilized, corrosion-resistant, and self-extinguishing. 

Available Forms
  • Rolls
  • Sheets
  • Pre-Curled Jacketing
Standard Thicknesses
  • .020"
  • .030"
  • Standard White
  • Custom Colors Available (please call)
Material Types

  • Regular
  • 25/50 Rated

Dura-Jac SX may be applied to most insulated surfaces. It is primarily used on piping systems and duct work. When Dura-Jac SX is solvent welded, it seals out water intrusion during wash downs; thus the product is particularly suited for food, beverage, and chemical processing environments. Refineries, distilleries, meat processing plants and facilities with similar requirements have found Dura-Jac SX an economical weather barrier for insulation.

Dura-Jac SX should not be used if the design surface temperature of the insulation system exceed 150° F. Dura-Jac SX is attacked by some organic solvents. Resistance chart is available upon request.

Dura-Jac SX meets or exceeds Federal Specification LP-1035 & LP-5350 Composition A Type I to IV. Dura-Jac SX is made with a USDA approved formulation and can be used in USDA inspected facilities where incidental product contact can occur. Dura-Jac SX also meets ASTM D-1784.


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